Intermittent Fetal Monitoring


This is my sonicaid or fetal Doppler that I use at every antenatal visit and birth. It is gentle, trusted, non intrusive, it’s water proof so you don’t even need to get out of the pool or be disturbed during Labour when we hear the baby’s heart.

Intermittent fetal monitoring means that in active labour I’ll listen every 15 mins, and during the pushing phase every 5 mins – or after each contraction if necessary. When you can move around without restriction it helps you do your thing more easily! Birth is all about movement!

Labour rooms also have these – but you’d have to know about it and ask for this, or have it on your birth plan; “Intermittent Fetal Monitoring please” If you’d prefer to be active and upright during a hospital birth you can ask for this instead of continuous fetal monitoring which is CTG. CTG is often applied as standard to all even though most women are low risk and may not have a medical indication for it. CTG can limit mothers movement during Labour, mothers are strapped with wires to the monitor continuously during Labour and birth, often lying on their back or on their side in bed for greater periods of time.

Continuous fetal monitoring is linked to greater risk of fetal distress and unnecessary cesarean section- which ironically, was the very thing it was designed to prevent.  So feel free to ask for intermittent monitoring and be free to move around!

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